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Sanctuary of Hippios Poseidon

Last Update: Dec 2005
Archaeological site MANTINIA , ARCADIA , GREECE

Sanctuary of Hippios Poseidon - Overview

  The sanctuary is situated southeastern of Ancient Mantineia at the boundaries of "Melia", in the modern village of Nestane. It was identified by the French Archaeological School at Athens, which had also excavated ancient Mantineia. It was located again and then excavated by the director of the Ephorate Dr. Th. Spyropoulos during the last decade.
  The excavations of Th. Spyropoulos in 1985-1995 revealed remains of the Archaic temple and important objects of the same period (clay akroterion of lakonic type bearing Gorgoneion, pottery of Archaic and Classical date, idols, etc.). The excavations also uncovered later building and tombs preserving ancient liberative inscriptions dedicated to Hippios Poseidon.

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