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Monastery of Pelekitis

Last Update: Oct 2006
Monastery, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments KARITSA , KARDITSA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 24410 94747

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Monastery of Pelekitis - Overview

   The Monastery has been erected on a rocky crag of 1.400m height. The monument gives the impression that it floats in the air. It consists of two churches, those of "The Ascension of Christ Sotir" and the church of Virgin, the cells on the upper floor and subsidiary rooms in the basement.
   The monastery was built in 1529. The church of the "Ascension" is a single - nave church with narthex adorned in 1654, while the one of Virgin in 1666.
   The monastery is being restored and the frescoes conserved at the moment.

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