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Castle of Pythion

Last Update: Nov 2005
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Castle of Pythion - Overview

  Defensive wall of the 14th century A.D. It lies on a low foothill of eastern Rhodopi, in front of the Evros valley. It is a magnificent example of military architecture from the final years of Byzantium. It consists of an internal and an external part and the two central towers are preserved virtually intact. The large square four-storeyed tower that was used as a residence, preserves the cornice of the fourth, broader floor, which is not preserved or was never constructed. The smaller, also four-storeyed tower had military-defensive function. A large arched gate between them led from the outer to the inner enceinte, of which are preserved parts.
  The castle was built in the beginning of the 14th century and was used as the refuge and personal "cashier" of the Byzantine emperor John VI Kantakouzenos. Such towers are considered to be the influence of the West to the Byzantine military architecture.
  The gate has been supported with pairs of beams and its arch has been consolidated. Restoration has been carried out at the end of the west wall, and at the upper NW corner of the second floor which had been broken (four angles with wooden cases were used on the outer side and wires were fastened on the opposite wall).

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