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Necropolis of Sindos

Last Update: Jul 2013
Archaeological site, Cultural heritage SINDOS , THESSALONIKI , GREECE

Necropolis of Sindos - Overview

The Archaic cemetery of Sindos was excavated in the period between 1980 and 1982. It is located 20 km west of Thessaloniki, in the region of the modern village of Sindos. A total number of 121 tombs have been excavated, dug in the clayish earth of a low hill. The graves were mostly cist-tombs (lined with stones) or pits, while some contained stone sarcophagi. They all contained rich offerings: vases, bronze vessels, shields, iron, weapons, bronze helmets, gold and silver jewellery. Male burials were accompanied by weapons and female burials by jewellery. Four tombs contained masks which covered the face of the dead; three were made of gold sheet and one was of a gilt silver sheet. The rich offerings of the cemetery indicate that the settlement of Sindos flourished during the last quarter of the 6th century and the beginning of the 5th century B.C. (Archaic period). The tombs of the Classical period did not yield such rich offerings. The settlement was located north of the cemetery, on a low hill, known as the tumulus (mound) of Nea Anchialos. It has been identified with the site of ancient Chalastra mentioned by ancient literary sources.

Necropolis of Sindos - Map

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  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 2310 801402, 2310 2310 801424, Fax: 2310 801425
    16th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Thessaloniki

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Cemetery • Archaic period, 700-480 BC • Classical period, 480-323 BC

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