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Paralia Avlida Community

Last Update: Jan 2001
Municipality's district consul AVLIDA BEACH , AVLIDA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 22210 31334

Paralia Avlida Community - Overview

A coastal area in the South Evian Gulf with a 6km shore line. The waters are shallow and there are many taverns along the beach with local delicacies. The beach of Avlida is connected by coastal road to Dilesi, Chalkoutsi, Skala Oropou and, via Vathy, to the national highway Athens – Chalkida. Until 1927 the area was called Dramesi but since then it was recognized as the municipality of Avlida belonging to Evia Island, even though it is on the mainland. The story of the village starts in the prehistoric era, according to a few findings in the area. A local myth is that residents are decendents of Kadmos from Sparta. It was also a tourist resort in antiquity for the people of Thebes as it is now for the Athenians. In the 1991 census Paralia Avlidas had 2.473 residents but the population rises dramatically in the summer due to vacationers and can reach up to 15.000.Paralia Avlidas is a scenic place that has evolved into a resort with many vacation homes. Being close to Thebes that has an army training center, many of its residents are high ranking officers and the locals are mainly involved in agriculture and fishing.

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