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Loutraki Folk Arts Museum

Last Update: May 2001
Tel.: +30 27440 66600

Loutraki Folk Arts Museum - Photo Gallery

Loutraki Folk Arts Museum - Overview

  The folkloric museums are considered the connection link of the Hellenic traditional life of the past, the present and the future.
  The Hellenic tradition which is kept inside them is not just a reference to the past, neither a sterile come back to old ways of life. It is a continual alive presence inside the organization of our Nation. It is very fertile and the basis for our future, because the more deep the roots of the Nation are, the more is its strength and the more higher are its perspectives.
  The folkloric museum is located in the central square of the city since the March of 1998.
  Two very generous people have provided the whole historic material:
  The late ever memorable Sotiria Lekka and her husband Andreas Nikolopoulos.

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