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Maladreni Community

Last Update: Jan 2003
Municipality's district consul MALADRENI , KOUTSOPODI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 27510 71378

Maladreni Community - Overview

  Malandreni is built on the top of a high hill. It seems perched up there being surrounded by other green hills and a lot of ravines. At the top of the hill there is the famous church of 'Panagia Myrtithiotisa'. The village is also famous for the good wine and olive oil produced there.Its architecture is a mixture of modern style and this of a century ago.The inhabitants live peacefully up there away from the noise and smog of the big city. They are friendly people and especially hospitable to tourists or foreign people who visit their place. They show their hospitality offering hearty welcome to those who will visit their local fair of 'Maithanasis' on the first of May every year and also during carnival time when they offer a very good time and a lot of good local wine, food and sweets to their visitors.

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