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Schinochori Community

Last Update: Jan 2003
Municipality's district consul SCHINOCHORI , KOUTSOPODI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 27510 77277

Schinochori Community - Overview

  Being built on a semi- mountainous land it gazes at the Argolic plain perched on the Bachriami mountain, it offers a panoramic view to its 441 inhabitants and those who visit it. At the top of this mountain there is the famous historic spring 'Arkouthovrsisi'. The church of Agia Marina near this spring, the church of Agios Dimitris in the center of the village, the school and the houses all around offer one the real picture of a traditional Greek village.The villagers, who once were famous cheese makers of the Argolic 'Feta' cheese, nowadays are mostly occupied with the cultivation of their land. The visitor can meet the old watermill, in a very bad condition nowadays, and also the old hamlet 'Helmi' with a lot of ancient ruins. On the wall of an old house the visitor can make out the inscription 'Lysithamos offered'. In the area of 'Makrinari' there are the traces of an ancient track and also an ancient graveyard. Some archaeologist considers this area to be the ancient city of 'Lyrkio'

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