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Vrousti Community

Last Update: Jan 2003
Municipality's district consul VROUSTI , KOUTSOPODI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 27510 91600

Vrousti Community - Overview

  When the visitor arrives at Vrousti he feels fascinated by the wild beauty of nature at this mountainous point of Argolida.The hamlet is built at a height of 650 m above the sea level. Its old stone houses are built on a curved terrace through which runs a deeptorrent starting at the point of the central square with the tall plane-tree ,the stone fountain from Turkish times and the old church of Agia Paraskevi. From the 281 inhabitants, very few still live here any more. Most of them live at «Statheika», their old winter quarters, where they found fertile land and mild climate. There they worked hard and the cultivation of appricot trees has made them prosperous and well off.

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