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Old Primary School

Last Update: Dec 2005
Monuments of Modern Greece KALOCHORI , LARISSA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 24950 51022

Old Primary School - Overview

   It is a ground stone-built building with a wooden roof covered with tiles of the "byzantine" type, 10 x 11m in dimention externally. It consists of a main room and two auxiliary offices. Simplicity and symmetry are its main characteristics. In the main front the central part of the building protrudes slightly and it is stemmed by a triangular frieze emphasizing the entrance.
   It was built in 1908 with the kind offer of benefactor Andreas Syngros, as were many other Primary Schools of the time.
   Entire repair of the building took place between the years of 1987 and 1994. The roof was replaced, the wall contruction was reinforced, the floors were changed as well as the doors and windows and there was colour added to the building.
   In 1981 it was characterized as a preserved historical monument.

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