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Koutsopodi Community

Last Update: Jan 2003
Municipality's district consul KOUTSOPODI , ARGOLIS , GREECE

Koutsopodi Community - Overview

   Koutsopodi was the capital of the ancient «Mysias» municipality which was founded by King Othonas. The name «Mysias» is also found in Pafsania' s «Korinthiaka», who relates that there is a hamlet by the name Mysias, where there is the temple of the Greek Goddess Dimitra of Mysias. Dimitra was considered to be mother of agriculture.
   On the old site of the ancient temple there is a Christian church nowadays, the church of «Metamorphosis of Sotiras». Nearby there are the ruins of a Byzantine temple ,evidence that show the existence of an ancient hamlet at this region. Vavaroi who were considered to have a great knowledge of the ancient Greek civilization , accepted the Greek tradition and sagas and identified ancient Mysia with Koutsopodi.
   During the survey of 1700, about 75 families seemed to live at Koutsopodi. The survey of 1999 shows that about 2.360 people live there. The inhabitants of Koutsopodi used to grow up a lot of crops as wheat barley, rye, oats, potatoes, tomatoes, a lot of melons and vegetables. They also cultivated vineyards and olive trees. All of these have now been replaced by the cultivation of orange trees, lemon trees and citrous trees in general as well as appricot trees and olive trees. The land is fertile , and the yield per acre is high enough. This makes the inhabitants prosperous and has also attracted a lot of foreign immigrants who consist the labor force of the area. Koutsopodi is developing at a very fast rate into a town.

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