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Archaic Tholos Tomb at Pharsala

Last Update: Nov 2005
Archaeological site FARSALA , LARISSA , GREECE

Archaic Tholos Tomb at Pharsala - Overview

  Tholos tomb with a dromos, constructed at the end of the 6th century B.C., and continuously used until the Hellenistic period. The tumulus over the tomb was enclosed by a peribolos built in polygonal wall masonry. A black-figure kalyx krater found inside the tomb is attributed to the workshop of the vase-painter Exekias. It bears a representation of the battle between the Greeks and the Trojans over the body of Patroclos. A Mycenaean chamber tomb was found under the Archaic tholos.
  The tomb was excavated by N. Verdelis in the years 1951-1956.

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