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Archaeological Museum of Eleusis

Last Update: May 2010
Museum, Cultural heritage ELEFSINA , ATTICA, WEST , GREECE
(Est. 1889)
Tel.: +30 210 5546019, 5542470
Opening hours:
02Jan - 31Dec Tue-Sun, 0830-1500

Archaeological Museum of Eleusis - Overview

  The Museum was designed by J. Mousis, and was built in 1889 in order to house the excavation finds from the site.
  Some of the most important items of the exhibition are:
The Eleusis amphora. One of the most splendid examples of the Proto-attic style, dated to 650 B.C. On the neck of the vase is a representation of the blinding of the cyclop Polyphemos by Ulysses; on the body is depicted the myth of Perseus and Gorgo.
• The "fleeing kore". The statue probably belonged to the sculptural decoration of the Sacred House and dates to the early 5th century B.C.
The Rheitoi relief. The inscription on the lower part concerns the construction of a bridge over the Rheitoi lake. The relief above the inscription depicts the patron goddesses of Athens and Eleusis. Dated to 421 B.C.
Headless statue of Demeter. It is an original work attributed to the workshop of Agoracritos. Dated to the end of the 5th century B.C.
• The "Kistophoros kore". Colossal statue which supported the roof of the "Lesser Propylaea" of the Sanctuary. Dated to the 1st century B.C.
Marble statue of Antinoos, emperor Hadrian's favourite, dated to the 2nd century A.D.
• Headless statue of Asklepios, the god of Medicine, dated to the 4th century B.C.
• Stone inscription referring to the technical specifications for the manufacture of the bronze ties in the column drums of the Stoa of Philon. Dated to the 4rth century B.C.

Archaeological Museum of Eleusis - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 210 3219776, 210 3233058, Fax: 210 3218883
    3rd Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, 1 Aiolou & Pelopida Streets, 105 55 Athens

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Art & culture

Museum • Archaeological Museum
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Museum exhibits • Statues • Reliefs • Pottery / Amphoras • Grave offerings
Periods of the exhibits • Middle Helladic period, 2000-1600 BC • Late Helladic period, 1600-1100 BC • Ancient historical times, 1050 BC- AD 324

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