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Koryfi Community

Last Update: Sep 2004
Municipality's district consul KORYFI , TRIKALA , GREECE

Koryfi Community - Overview

  Koryfi is the last village of the Prefecture of Trikala to Arta. It is surrounded by the steep, rocky mountains Kaprovouni and Katafyli and is built amphitheatrically. The lowest edge of the village is defined by Acheloos. The old denomination of the village was Kaproi and was first inhabited after the sortie of Mesologgy from the armed and thieves that were on the run. So, the first inhabitants of the village were the "Mpotsareoi", who were forced to change their name because they were wanted.
  Koryfi was the seat of the thief Thymios Tsekouras who acted there from 1895 until 1920. The village was destroyed from the earthquake and was reconstructed with new buildings, roads, squares and shops. The traditional color of the village is preserved by the "Dristella" which is found in the bed of Acheloos and the historical watermill as well as by many stone fountains in different places of the village.
  Koryfi is inhabited in the winter as well and has taken new life as the residents are occupied not only with cattle-breeding, but other works as well. The big church of the village is Agios Georgios, but Koryfi celebrates when a small country church celebrates which is devoted to the Assumption.

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