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Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki

Last Update: Jan 2011
(Est. 1966)
162, Vas. Olgas & 25th Martiou Streets, Villa Mordoh (Exhibition Center), 54646 THESSALONIKI , MAKEDONIA CENTRAL , GREECE
Tel.: +30 2310 425531, 411101

Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki - Overview

Historical note on the building housing the Municipal Art Gallery
  In December 1986 the Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki moved into its new quarters in a building located at 162 Queen Olga Street, at the corner of 25th of St. Built in 1905 by architect Xenophon Paionidis, and now the property of the Municipality, it is fine example of the eclectic style of architecture that flourished in Thessaloniki, especially in the then suburban district known as "the Towers" or "the Villas", at the turn of the century. The older residents of the city know it as the "Villa Mordoch", from the name of the family who occupied it from 1930 - 1940. The building is distinctive for its rich mixture of elements drawn from the Neo-classical, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, and which vary from one facade to the next, thus accentuating the pluralism of the structure. Also of interest is the decorative paintwork of the interior - well preserved in certain rooms - as well as the woodcarving.
History of the Foundation and Operation of the Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki
1966: Founded as a department of the Municipal Library and under its jurisdiction, the Municipal Art Gallery was allotted two rooms in the YMCA building. Its initial collection was selected from the most important of the works of art belonging to the Municipality, which were either gifts or purchases made chiefly in the 1950’ s. 1974: The Municipal Art Gallery was granted the status in the Municipal Organization under a joint Directorate administering the Library, the Art Gallery and the Philharmonic, and a Curator was appointed.
1977-80: A collection of Greek engravings was assembled and exhibited in various local venues, including the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the French Institute, the Railway Station, the Chamber of Commerce, as well as in the neighbouring municipalities of Kalamaria, Sykies and Ambelokipi.
1978: This year saw the initial organization of the Archives of the Gallery; however, damage resulting from the severe earthquake of that year forced it to close down.
1982: The Gallery was reopened in its original premises
1985: The collection was enriched by purchase of a large number of paintings by artists from Thessaloniki. This both established a basic collection and determined its nature, favouring the creations of artists - of all tendencies - from Thessaloniki and all over Northern Greece; it covered the work of three generations of artists.
1986: The Gallery was rehoused in the newly renovated Villa Mordoch (owned by the Municipality) at the corner of Queen Olga and 25th of March Streets, where it occupied (principally) the second floor (...).
Collection of Thessalonian Artists
  The works of the Thessalonian artists constitutes, from the point of view of both quantity and quality, the most important collection in the Municipal Art Gallery. When it was officially founded in 1966, there was already a small nucleus of works, which they grew over the years, often unsystematically.
  The collection of the Gallery includes three generations of artists, who from the beginning of the century until 1967, contributed to the formulation of the local fine arts world, through their multi - dimensional works (...).
The Icon Collection
  The collection of the Byzantine and post - Byzantine icons belonging to Thcssaloniki’s Municipal Arr Gallery goes some way towards filling an enormous gap in the city with the respect to the icons produced by the Thessalonlan wokshops, both in the Byzantine period and in the Turkish period which followed and essentially continued it.
  The Art Gallery's icons reflect the course of Byzantine painting from the early fourteenth century, a brilliant era in Byzantine art, to the nineteenth century, with its wide variety of artistic trends.
  In 1987, the Municipal Revenue Board, on behalf of the Department of Cemeteries, division 2 "Evangelistria", gave to the Municipal Art Gallery sixty-three icons, which now form part of the Gallery's collection, to be stored, inventoried, studied and incorporated into its collection. A year later, under the supervision of the Ninth Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, started the restoration of the icons, at the Municipality's expense. Dr. A. Tourta, archaeologist in the Ephorate, has conducted a scientific appraisal of the material and compiled the cataloque of the collection.
Collection of Engravings
  Already familiar to the Greek people from religious publications, illustrated newspapers and magazines, and the popular prints of the 19th century, engraving was established as an art in its own right in the early years of this century, mainly by the work of two of its outstanding practitioners, Dimitris Galanis and Yannis Kefallinos (...).
The Municipal Art Gallery's collection of engravings covers the development of this art form over a period of sixty years, giving the viewer a satisfactory picture of its evolution...
Representatieve Collection of Works Illustrating the evolution of Modern Greek Art
  This interesting but limited collection includes works by: G. Iakovidis, E. Thomopoulos, S. Papaloukas, G. Steris, N. Engonopouios, G. Bouzianis, S. Vasiliou, A. Asteriadis, V. Tsouchlos, G. Vakalo, T. Marthas, G. Spyropoulos, N. Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas, M. Tombros, K. Messare, D. Yannoukakis, Th. Diplarakou, N. Antonakatou, D. Bouki, V Skiada, F. Spyratou-Floka, G. Vakirtzis, A. Pappa, N. Santorinaios, M. Bostanzoglou, Th. Minopoulos, G. Sikeliotis, A. Geralis, A. Vasilikiotis, S. Karavouzis, G. Parmakelis, R. Whitlock and A. Yannoutsos.

Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Management, Tel.: 2310 425531, Fax: 2310 411101
    Cultural Center (Main Building), 57, Kleanthous & Lambraki Streets
  • Other office 1, Tel.: 2310 427555
    Casa Bianca, 214, Vas. Olgas Avenue

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