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Centre of Historical Information of Thermopylae

Last Update: Jul 2014
Museum, Cultural Center, Cultural heritage THERMOPYLES , LAMIA , GREECE
(Est. 2010)
Tel.: +30 22310 93054, 93758
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00Jan - 00Dec Mon-Fri, 0800-1900
00Jan - 00Dec Sat-Sun, 1000-1800

Centre of Historical Information of Thermopylae - Photo Gallery

Centre of Historical Information of Thermopylae - Overview

Next to the monument of Leonidas, in the historic Thermopylae, lies the innovative museum of the Lamia Municipality, dedicated to the 480 BC battle that changed the course of Greek history. A scientific project of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, the Centre of Historical Information of Thermopylae opened its doors to the public in 2010. The building, in the shape of an ancient spearhead turned to the north as if facing the invaders, is characterized by its ergonomic design that applies to the most up-to-date museological purposes and features glass panels that allow in plenty of natural light. The Centre represents history as an interactive narrative and discourse: In its three exhibition halls -named Leonidas, Dienekes and Thermopylae- multimedia applications offer visitors a virtual trip to the time and battlefields of the Persian Wars, as recounted by the ancient historian Herodotus, while the very battle of Thermopylae comes alive in a digital 3D movie.

To complete the picture of Thermopylae's history, visitors may embark on a walking tour in the surrounding landscape. The lush green mountain Kallidromo rising behind the museum is well worth a visit, while atop the nearby hill of Kolonos stands the renowned epigram of the ancient poet Simonides commemorating the fallen Spartan warriors.

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