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Μουσείο Μπουμπουλίνας

Τελ. ενημέρωση: Ιούλ 2014

Αρχοντικό Λασκαρίνας Μπουμπουλίνας

Μουσείο, Βυζαντινά & Μεταβυζαντινά μνημεία ΝΤΑΠΙΑ , ΣΠΕΤΣΕΣ , ΕΛΛΑΔΑ
(Est. 1991)
Τηλ.: +30 22980 72416, 72077 , Φαξ: +30 22980 72077
Κοινωνικά δίκτυα:
Ώρες λειτουργίας:
01Μάρ - 31Οκτ Δευ-Κυρ, 1030-1800
Περίοδος λειτουργίας: 01Μάρ - 31Οκτ  

Μουσείο Μπουμπουλίνας - Φωτογραφίες

Μουσείο Μπουμπουλίνας - Περίληψη

A visit to Bouboulina’s Museum on Spetses reveals the fascinating story of the heroine of the 1821 Greek War of Independence, who until recently had the honour of being the only female Admiral in world Naval history. It also astounds with titbits of information such as the links between Bouboulina, the Great Powers, the Tsar of Russia, blockade-running and the 16 year-old Bavarian king imposed on Greece, and of course not forgetting that Bouboulina is mentioned in a book by Jules Verne!

In the beautiful garden area, whilst the guide narrates in Greek, visitors of all nationalities read a brief history of Bouboulina’s life - available in 21 languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish Flemish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and of course Greek! The tour inside the Mansion itself is then conducted in English or Greek by friendly and experienced guides although on the spot translating by a group leader is also acceptable if necessary.

Independent travellers and larger groups of up to 100 are made welcome every day from the beginning of March right through the end of October and the Museum even accepts visitors out-with this period with prior confirmation. In this way Bouboulina’s Museum is attracting visitors to Spetses island in the low seasons at each end of the usual summer tourist months. In peak summer months the tours continue until 8.30 in the evening, enabling every visitor to have the opportunity to take part in a tour.

Μουσείο Μπουμπουλίνας - Xάρτης

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