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Historical Museum of Crete

Last Update: Nov 2009

Society for Cretan Historical Studies

Museum, Cultural heritage HERAKLIO , CRETE , GREECE
(Est. 1953)
7, Lysimachou Kalokerinou Street & 27 Sofokli Venizelou Avenue, House A. & M. Kalokerinos 71202 HERAKLIO , CRETE , GREECE
Tel.: +30 2810 283219, 288708 , Fax: +30 2810 283754
Opening hours:
01Apr - 31Oct Mon-Sat, 0900-1700
01Nov - 31Mar Mon-Sat, 0900-1530

Historical Museum of Crete - Photo Gallery

Historical Museum of Crete - Overview

  The Historical Museum of Crete is a multi-faceted museum narrating seventeen centuries of history on the island, from Early Christian times to the modern era. The exhibition is much more than a mere display of artefacts. At every turn, visitors are invited to interact with new media.

  From Byzantium to the Baroque (330-1669 AD)
The meeting ground of the monotheists: Christians from the East and West, Arabs, Ottomans and Jews come together on Crete. This exhibition includes Byzantine and Venetian sculpture and ceramics, as well as Ottoman weaponry surviving from the Cretan War. Added to these are frescoes and portable icons, coins, jewellery, maps and a large model of 17th century Chandax.

  From the Ottoman Empire to Modern Hellenism (1669-1945)
  The eventful birth of national consciousness on a large Mediterranean island. Ottomans and Cretans as two cultures living alongside each other. Mosques, Turkish mansions and dervishes. Exhibits include wall paintings, architectural members, inscriptions, imperial decrees and household artefacts, alongside objects from the parallel life led by Christians: altar furnishings, vestments and patriarchal edicts. There are flags and weapons, as well as items of everyday use from the turbulent 19th century; portraits and photographs of leading figures in modern history; archive material and artefacts from World War II and the Battle of Crete.

  A great painter
  Two early paintings by El Greco - the only ones on Crete - at the halfway stage in his journey from East to West: The Baptism of Christ" (1567) and "View of Mt. Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine" (1570).

  A writer and a politician
  The desks, libraries, manuscripts, personal mementoes and archive material relating to two outstanding Cretans: the author Nikos Kazantzakis and Prime Minister of Greece Emmanuel Tsouderos.

  Folk culture
  Life in rural Crete during the 19th and early 20th centuries. This exhibition includes costumes, jewellery, musical instruments, weavings and minor objects, together with a reconstruction of the interior of an old Cretan village house.

  The Historical Museum of Crete has two temporary exhibition rooms and a small amphitheatre for hosting presentations, day workshops and small-scale conferences, as well as educational programmes. The Museum also includes a Library, a Cafe and a Shop.

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