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Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum

Last Update: Mar 2011
Museum, Cultural heritage SERRES , MAKEDONIA CENTRAL , GREECE
(Est. 1979)
62, Konstantinoupoleos Street 62122 SERRES , MAKEDONIA CENTRAL , GREECE
Tel.: +30 23210 62528 , Fax: +30 23210 56180
Opening hours:
02Jan - 14Jul Tue-Sun, 0900-1400
21Aug - 31Dec Tue-Sun, 0900-1400
Operating period: 02Jan - 14Jul   21Aug - 31Dec  

Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum - Photo Gallery

Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum - Overview

  The Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum, a museum dedicated to the life and art of the Sarakatsanoi, is housed in a new building, which was completed in 1994.

   Some of the most significant exhibits of the Museum are:
- The Sarakatsanoi hut dwelling, constructed of wood and straw, with all the family requisites. The hut has primitive architectural features unique in the world.
- Cheese diary. Wood and straw construction. Inside are exhibited the vessels and utensils used for cheese making.
- Shepherd's hut constructed of wood and straw.
- School of a "tseligato" (settlement of Sarakatsanoi). Wood and straw construction.
- "Tsiatoura" (tent) made of woven cloth. It was used as a temporary shelter during movement from the mountain to the winter quarters and vice versa.
- Model of the "tseligato" showing the organization of the settlement during the summer season.
- Showcases with costumes, woven fabrics and silver artefacts.
- An important collection of old photographs, dating from 1906 to 1950. Collection of old traditional songs (about 1000 songs) recorded and classified into categories.
   The Satakatsanoi Folklore Museum has won a gold metal for social and cultural contribution in 1984 and the second prize from the Council of European Museums in 1987.

Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum - Map

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