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The Fortification of Veroia

Last Update: Oct 2005
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The Fortification of Veroia - Overview

  Today the fortification surrounds the city on the southwest, south, east, and north sides. It follows the plan of the earlier walls, dated to the 3rd century A.D., which were extensively reconstructed and reinforced, when the city was endangered by the invasions of German tribes. Parts of the even earlier, Hellenistic walls, were then included in the new structure or went out of use.
  This fortification of the 3rd century underwent further reconstructions and repairs, during the following centuries. It was rebuilt in 1016 by the Emperor Basil II and was again repaired by the ruler of Epirus, Theodoros Komnenos Doukas, after the liberation of Veroia, at the end of 1214 or the beginning of 1215. Three main gates serve as the starting points of roads connecting Veroia with the other cities of Macedonia.

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