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The Vapheio tholos tomb

Last Update: Nov 2013
Archaeological site, Cultural heritage VAFIO , SPARTI , GREECE

The Vapheio tholos tomb - Overview

The tholos (bee-hive) tomb of Vapheio is dated to the Early Mycenaean period (1500 B.C.). It was excavated by Chr. Tsountas at the end of last century and it contained significant objects of the Early Mycenaean era, such as the two famous gold cups. The state of preservation is not satisfactory. The tholos tomb was excavated by the Greek archaeologist Chr. Tsountas in 1889. The tomb had been plundered but very important items were found in an oblong pit, inside the tomb.
  The Greek Archaeological Service fenced the area and takes care of its cleaning and conservation. Work for the strengthening of the monument has been undertaken in a small extent, and there are plans for its proper restoration and conservation.

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  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 27310 23315, 27310 24359, Fax: 27310 21516
    5th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Sparta

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