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Korean Football Federation

Last Update: Apr 2004
Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs, National Federations SEOUL , KOREA, REPUBLIC
(Est. 1933)
1-131, KFA House, Sinmunno 2-Ga Jongno-Gu SEOUL , KOREA, REPUBLIC
Tel.: +82 2 7336764, 20020722 , Fax: +82 2 7352755, 20020611

Korean Football Federation - Overview

The History of Korean football

Korea, in ancient times, had a ball game called 'chuk-guk' very similar in form to contemporary football. However, Koreans first saw the present version of football in 1882 when British crew members played a game while their vessel was visiting the lnchon Port.
In 1921, the first All Korea Football Tournament was held, and then in 1928, The Korea Football Association was organized, which created a foundation to disseminate and develop football in Korea.
During the decades of colonial rule by Japan, football contributed to alleviating the frustrations of the subjugated Koreans and fostering the hope of liberation.
The Korea Football Association was reinstated in 1948, following the establishment of the Republic of Korea. The KFA became a member of FIFA, the international football governing body, in 1948. The same year, the Korean national team made its international debut at the Olympic Games in London. The KFA joined the AFC(Asian Football Confederation) in 1954.
Since the 1960's Korea emerged as a major football power in Asia, winning several prestigious Asian football championships. The Korean national team played in the World Cup finals for 5 consecutive from 1986, making its players the undisputed kings of Asian football. The Korean professional football league was launched in 1983 as the first of its kind in Asia. This not only pleased domestic fans, but it has also upgraded the level of the Korean football.
The 2002 FIFA World Cup is a sign of the rapid progress made in Korean football. Indeed, Korea's co-hosting of the event with Japan is the result of the Korean people's passion for and interest in football. And also Korea national team astonished the world by advancing to semi finals in the 2002 World Cup which was first time in Asian football history. This achievement was the outcome of big support and endeavor from all the Korean people who love football so much.
Now Korean football stands at the starting line of a new era.

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