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Larissa Tourism Support Office

Regional Tourism Organization
Show on map Feb 2018 Updtd:

Alpha Marketing Greece

Hospitality Consultants, Public relations, Marketing Services, Digital Marketing
Show on map Dec 2020 Updtd:

Baras Travel

Travel Agent
Show on map Feb 2021 Updtd:

Larissa Hoteliers Association

Professional Association
Show on map Apr 2015 Updtd:

Natassa Travel

Travel Agent
Show on map Dec 2017 Updtd:

Veggera Travel

Travel Agent
Show on map Apr 2008 Updtd:

Stamos Tours

Travel Agent
Show on map Nov 2004 Updtd:

Biokarpet S.A.

Hospitality Products & Services, Flooring and carpets
Show on map Dec 2012 Updtd:


Hospitality Products & Services, Frames (doors, windows, partitions)
Show on map Aug 2011 Updtd:

Elbak S.A.

Food & Beverages Trade, Hospitality Products & Services
Show on map Oct 2011 Updtd:

Aeroclub of Larissa

Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs, Aeroclub
Show on map Oct 2010 Updtd:

Athletic Target Shooting Club of Larissa

Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs, Target shooting club
Show on map Oct 2006 Updtd:

Club of Arms of Larissa

Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs, Athletic Center
Show on map Oct 2006 Updtd:

University General Hospital of Larissa

Hospital - public/non profit
Show on map Jan 2010 Updtd:

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