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Archaeological Site of Philippi

Archaeological site, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments, Cultural heritage
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Tobbacco Museum

Museum, Cultural heritage
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Technological Educational Institute of Kavala

Technological Educational Institute (TEI)
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Hellenic Alpine Club of Kavala

Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs, Mountaineering Association
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Emporoviomichaniki Kavalas S.A.

Food & Beverages Trade, Hospitality Products & Services
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Ftino Epiplo - Tsavdaris Athanassios

Hospitality Products & Services, Indoor furniture
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Kavala Culture & Athletic Department

Regional Government' Enterprise, Cultural Center
Show on map Jul 2009 Updtd:


Daily Press, Online news
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Dive Center Macedonia

Diving center, Scuba diving training center
Show on map Apr 2011 Updtd:

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