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KALAMARIA (Suburb of Thessaloniki) THESSALONIKI
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Artion Conferences & Events

Travel Agent, Congress & Event Organizers
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North Greece Air-conditioning Centre

Hospitality Products & Services, Cooling and Heating systems
Show on map Dec 2011 Updtd:

Haks Contract Design

Hospitality Products & Services, Flooring and carpets, Linen & textiles
Show on map Dec 2012 Updtd:

Uncle Vanias S.A.

Food & Beverages Trade, Hospitality Products & Services
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Defender Group

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
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Thessaloniki Underwater Spearfishing Association

Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs, Diving center (unauthorized)
Show on map Jan 2005 Updtd:

Macedonian Club of Inflated Boats

Nautical Club, Athletic Associations/Organizations/Clubs
Show on map Jan 2005 Updtd:

UPS - Thessaloniki

Express delivery service (Courier)
Show on map Oct 2005 Updtd:

Orionas Diving Centre

Diving center, Scuba diving training center, Organized / assisted diving, Diving equipment rental
Show on map Apr 2011 Updtd:

Gemini Ltd.

Hospitality Products & Services, Indoor furniture, Spa equipment
Show on map Oct 2011 Updtd:

Konstantinidis D & F S.A.

Hospitality Products & Services, Linen & textiles
Show on map Nov 2011 Updtd:

Petridis Lighting

Hospitality Products & Services, Lighting
Show on map Feb 2012 Updtd:


Internet Sites, Hospitality Products & Services
Show on map Aug 2015 Updtd:


Hospitality Products & Services, Security systems
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