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Agios Konstandinos

  Just above Vraho tou Bey, between Toundeiko Roumani and the cemetery, the chapel of Agios Konstandinos looks over Evangelistria. This tiny chapel for many years, until around 1920, was the main church of the village. It is thought that it was consecrated in 1861 but an inscription above the entrance is indistinguishable and the digits not easily read, so we cannot be certain.
  In the years following the establishment of Evangelistria as patron saint of the village, the chapel of Agios Konstandinos deteriorated to the extent that the slate-covered-roof threatened to collapse. Fortunately in the early sixties papa-Anastasis took the initiative to mend the tiny chapel replacing the slate with a new concrete roof, plastering the inner walls and rendering the outside. In 1992 an Australian Karitsioti, Yannis Tsolomitis, layered the yard of Agios Konstandinos with concrete.
  According to local folklore in earlier days on this site stood another church, Agia Paraskevi, which was the first patron saint of the village. Sometime in the 1800s that church was completely gutted by fire but when it was rebuilt, for some unknown reason it was renamed Agios Konstandinos. Some disquiet at times is still expressed about that change.
  Agios Konstandinos is solemnised on 21 May. On that day mass is held at the chapel in the morning and a village festival at the kafenio in the evening.

Agios Yannis

  From some 200 metres below the summit of Elatias the chapel of Agios Yannis looks out over Karitsa. According to an inscription on a stone above the chapel sanctuary "construction was funded by H Malavazos in 1869". Another inscription above the entrance refers to 1899. Perhaps the chapel on top of the mountain was renovated in that year. Agios Yannis or "Ayianniou" is celebrated on 29 August. The village festival of the year, a two-day affair, is held on the eve of Ayianniou and on the day itself. Many Karitsiotes from other parts of Greece as well as from overseas are keen to be in the village for the festival. On the morning of 29 August most villagers will trek their way up the slopes of Elatias for mass at Agios Yannis and then come down to continue the festival in the village square during the afternoon, evening and early hours of the following morning.

Agios Nikolas

  This beautiful little church is found on the main road, just when it is about to begin its steep winding climb on the way to the village. An inscription above the entrance indicates the chapel was consecrated or renovated in 1896. Interestingly in 1956, when the area was been dug up to build a motor road, many human bones were uncovered close to this tiny church. Villagers believe this marks the site of an old cemetery, very likely when the village was sited at Agios Thanasis. The sides of the graves are built from local slate in a similar way to that attributed to very olden days. Mass is held in this chapel only once a year on December 6.

Agia Kiriaki

  Agia Kiriaki is built close to the very old water well, Plati Pigadi. It is celebrated on 7 July when many worshipers come down from the village for mass. This is followed by a village festival in the afternoon and evening.

Agios Dimitris

  Agios Dimitris, a very tiny chapel, is found near the ruins of the old settlement and the ancient water-pit (sterna) in Sternitsa. It was built by the mother of papa-Anastasi in memory of the ruined chapel, Agios Dimitris, at the old settlement of Sternitsa. It is celebrated on 26 October.

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