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The inhabitants (4)

Ancient tribes

It is cited that the first inhabitants of the island were the Carians and the Leleges. Settlers were the Cephallenians or the Ithacias under the leadership of Angeus. The Ionians from Athens under the leadership of Nileus banished in the 11th c. B.C. the old inhabitants and colonized the island.

Carians, Leleges & Ionians

Pherecydes says concerning this seaboard that Miletus and Myus and the parts round Mycale and Ephesus were in earlier times occupied by Carians, and that the coast next thereafter, as far as Phocaea and Chios and Samos, which were ruled by Ancaeus, was occupied by Leleges, but that both were driven out by the Ionians and took refuge in the remaining parts of Caria.


Remarkable selections

Samian engineering

The three greatest works of all the Greeks were engineered by them (Samians). The second is a breakwater in the sea enclosing the harbor, sunk one hundred and twenty feet, and more than twelve hundred feet in length.
The third Samian work is the temple, which is the greatest of all the temples of which we know; its first builder was Rhoecus son of Philes, a Samian.
(Herodotus, The Histories (ed. A. D. Godley) 3.60.1)

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