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Ancient comedy playwrites

Anaxandrides, 4th c. B.C.

KAMIROS (Ancient city) RHODES
   A Rhodian Greek poet of the Middle Comedy, who flourished in B.C. 376. He is said to have been the first to make love affairs the theme of comedy. His plays are said to have been characterized by sprightliness and humour, but only fragments of them are now in existence.

Anaxandrides, an Athenian comic poet of the middle comedy, was the son of Anaxander, a native of Cameirus in Rhodes. He began to exhibit comedies in B. C. 376 (Marm. Par. Ep. 34), and 29 years later he was present, and probably exhibited, at the Olympic games celebrated by Philip at Dium. Aristotle held him in high esteem (Rhet. iii. 10-12; Eth. Eud. vi. 10; Nicom. vii. 10). He is said to have been the first poet who made love intrigues a prominent part of comedy. He gained ten prizes, the whole number of his comedies being sixty-five. Though he is said to have destroyed several of his plays in anger at their rejection, we still have the titles of thirty-three.
  Anaxandrides was also a dithyrambic poet, but we have no remains of his dithyrambs (Suidas, s.v.; Athen. ix.)


Peisander, 6th century BC

   (Peisandros). An early Greek poet, born at Camirus, in the island of Rhodes, and supposed to have flourished about B.C. 650, although some made him earlier than Hesiod, and contemporary with Eumolpus. He wrote a poem, entitled Heraclea (Herakleia), on the exploits of Heracles, of which frequent mention is made by the grammarians. The Alexandrian critics assigned him a rank among epic poets after Homer, Hesiod, Panyasis, and Antimachus.

This text is from: Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities. Cited Nov 2002 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

And Peisander the poet, who wrote the Heracleia, was also a Rhodian; and so was Simmias the grammarian, as also Aristocles of my own time (Strab.+14.2.13)

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