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Island and city of Ionia, Samians' alleged theft from Spartans, an Ionian settlement, seized and held by Ephesians for a time, recovered by Samians, Hippasus flees to, Sibyl dwells in, Samians banished, Samian share in the settlement at Naucratis, Polycrates' despotism in, Lacedaemonian attack on Samos, Samian aqueduct, fate of Polycrates, conquest of Samos by Persians, Salmoxis at Samos, flight of Arcesilaus thither, Samian bravery against the Persians in the Cyprian revolt, Samian colonists in Sicily, desertion to the Persians of all except eleven of the sixty Samian ships in the Ionian revolt, Samian captains desert Ionian fleet, distinction at Salamis of Samians in the Persian fleet, Samian envoys to Greeks before Mycale, disloyalty of Samians to Persia, reception into the Greek confederacy.

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