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  Nea Styra has today evolved into a summer resort with great prospects for further development. It was once however nothing more than the seaport of Styra and a beautiful coast. The first settlement with the name of Gkisouri, was built in 1895. It took the name of Nea Styra in 1940.
  Today, Nea Styra is served by one of the ferry lines which connect southern Evia with shores of eastern Attica. There are also regular car ferries to and from Agia Marina on the opposite coast.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.

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Geographical Data

Type of location: Beach, Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection, Small town, Bay, Municipal district
Postal Code: 34015
Tel +30 22240
Altitude: 42 meters
Longitude: 24o 12' 26.33" E
Latitude: 38o 10' 46.96" N

Population Census

Year Population
1991 839
1981 1042
Located in the same area of:
STYRA Ancient city, EVIA , GREECE
Located at/in/on:
Southwest (SW) coastline of: EVIA Island, GREECE Northeast (NE) coastline of: PETALIES GULF Gulf, ATTICA, EAST , GREECE
East (E) opposite of: AGIA MARINA Port, ATTICA, EAST , GREECE
35.8 Kilometers Southeast (SE) the provincial capital KARYSTOS Town, EVIA , GREECE
97.8 Kilometers Northwest (NW) the capital of the island CHALKIDA Town, EVIA , GREECE
227.3 Kilometers Northwest (NW) the provincial capital ISTIEA Small town, EVIA , GREECE
76,8 Kilometers North (N) from the port: KYMI Port, EVIA , GREECE
211.8 Kilometers Northwest (NW) the municipality seat EDIPSOS Port, EVIA , GREECE
3.8 Kilometers Southeast (SE) the municipality seat STYRA Village, EVIA , GREECE

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