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Theophilos' Museum

Last Update: Dec 2005
Museum, Monuments of Modern Greece, Cultural heritage ANAKASSIA , VOLOS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 24210 49109

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Theophilos' Museum - Overview

House of Kontos
  This is a stone-built Noble House with a wooden roof covered with schist slabs and tiles of the "byzantine" type. It is a three-storie building of rectagular plan. Parts of the first floor are made of "tsatma" -light construction of wood and plaster- which protrude from the circumscription of the base and form the so called "sachnisia" of greek folk architecture. The upper floor is decorated with wall paintings of perfect quality painted by the extinguished folk painter Theothilos Chatzimichael.
  It was built in 1835 and belonged initially to Anastassis Chatzianastassis. In 1905 it was bought by Ioannis Kontos, who made some changes according to the neoclassicist prototypes existing at the time both in the inner organization of space -especially in the levelled ground floor, as well as in the main front of the building.
  In 1962 it was characterized as a preserved monument. In 1965 it was bought by the Ministry of Culture.
  In 1966 works took place concerning conservation of wall paintings as well as repairs and support of the building. There was a new repair during the years of 1988 -1990.
  It is open to the public and functions as "Theophilos Museum".

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