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Last Update: Aug 2014
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General Information

One of the tightest railway in the world (60 cm) serves the 4 wagons of "moutzouri", as it was once called Pelio's train, indicating the steam-moved train and the smoke it was left as it was traveling. It is a mountainous route from Ano Lechonia to Milies, crossing green slopes with trees and bushes.
The train's only stop is at the village of Ano Gatzea, for 15 minutes, and then continues to a 15 km long distance for 90 minutes. The travel to Milies is full of nature and remarkable architecture buildings.
A special sample of that is the stoned - five arcade bridge, named Kalorema, in the Malakio area. As train is closing to Milies the landscape has a wild beauty, especially at the big metal bridge of Taxiarchis or de Chirico, such named from its constructor, the father of the famous painter. At that point although bridge's direction is straight the train rolls in a curve line.
Milies station is a terminal. From here there is a path to the village center. Traditional guesthouses, taverns, Taxiarches church, which was built in 1741, the folklore museum and the library, one of the oldest in Greece, are some of the sightseeing.
Pelio's train operates from sping to autumn, with a daily round trip route. The total one trip time is 1 hour & 30 minutes (with a 15 minutes stop for coffee and sodas at the Ano Gatzea station).
The access to Ano Lechonia station, which is located 12 km from Volos, is from the road to Kala Nera, either on bus, which stops 50 m from the station, either on car (there is a big parking lot in front of the station). The access to Milies station could be only by car and there is a small parking lot.


The historic train, which once passed the route Volos - Milies, traveled on historic railway that it's construction started in 1892. It's first part was until Lechonia and was finally given in service in 1896. The rest part until Milies, was constructed afterwards and operated in 1903.
Evaristo de Chirico, father of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico, who was born in Volos, was the supervisor of the railway's network construction.
During the construction, the little one, then, de Chirico was there and watching the mean, which was going to inspire him at his paintings.

Routes - Ticket fares

The train departures at 10 a.m. from Ano Lechonia and at 15.00 p.m. from Milies, with a stopover at Ano Gatzea for 15 minutes, at both trips. The ticket fare for a single travel is 10€ and 6€ for children, for round trip 18€ and 10€ for children.
The train is, also, available for rent all year around.
Information for ticketing, routes and train's rental are given form TRAINOSE's Volos Travel Agency Telephone & Fax 2421039723.

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Executives & Departments

  • Information office, Tel.: 24210 39723
    TRAINOSE: Volos Travel Agency

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