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Suburban - Domestic Rail

Head office(Est. 2005)
1-3, Karolou Street 10437 VATHIS , ATHENS , GREECE

TRAINOSE S.A. - Overview

TRAINOSE S.A. established in 2005, initially as a subsdiary of OSE S.A. in order to provide services for passengers' tranfers and freights' transports.
From 2010 it operates as an independent company, owned by Greek state, and currently is the only company in Greece which provides railway transfers, operating suburban, regional, and national routes.

TRAINOSE manages:

  • Athens Proastiakos (Suburban train). It has 2 routes, Airport - Ano Liossia - Kiato & Piraeus - Ano Liossia. For details about the routes contact by phone 1110 or 14511. Athens Proastiakos Map
  • Thessaloniki Proastiakos (Suburban train). These two routes connect Thessaloniki to Larissa and Edessa. For details about the routes contact by phone 1110 or 14511.
  • Patra Proastiakos(Suburban train). It is a small route which has 4 stations: Aghios Andreas - Patra - Kastellokampos - Rion. For details about the routes contact by phone 1110 or 14511.
  • For domestic routes contact by phone 1110 or 14511.

TRAINOSE aslo has buses to/from Bulgaria.

- Call center: 1110
- Thessaloniki counter, telephone: 2310 599100

TRAINOSE has also international agreements for travel by train to/from Europe. The details are on the link http://www.trainose.gr/content/eyropaikoi-sidirodromoi

Trainose inaugurates its new service "Train - Taxi" on 4/18/2012. Service's pilot operation is for 4 months in Thessaloniki area, in cooperation with EUROTAXI company. In the future that cooperation will be extended with other taxi companies, which have proper electronical systems, depending on the travellers' demands.
The passengers to route Athens-Thessaloniki could have a preferential combined coupon train - taxi, with discounts up to 15% for transportation from the station of Thessaloniki in the area of their choice within the city. Passengers don't incur with service fee.
The offered service is based on the following points:
  • Booking is available at the stations with electronic reservation and ticketing system, as well as by travel agencies in Athens, Larissa, Volos and Thessaloniki.
  • The new service is only for passengers travel from Athens to Thessaloniki, and also for those that will be boarding on the train from that route's stations.
  • Katerini station is the last one, where a passenger could apply for that service.
  • Passengers, who want to use that service should inform the staff at the sales office, which has to feature the electronic reservation and ticketing.
  • The ticket for the train service - taxi (coupon) is personal, has the number of passengers per vehicle, indicate the final destination of the passenger / passengers (group) and is issued in two copies, one of which the passenger deliver to the taxi driver.
  • Every passenger use that service, has to be boarding on the taxi within 15 minutes from the real time arrival of the train at the station.
  • The waiting is calculated from train's arrival, even if it's late. In case of delay, taxis have to wait for the passengers.
  • Service taxis are waiting in a special marked space at the Thessaloniki station.
  • If the client wants to go to another place than the initial and the fare is more than the agreed, then a new route starts and a new payment receipt is given to the client.
  • The privileged rates for using the train - taxi are classified by zones in the regions of Thessaloniki and the passenger could have the required information from both the counters and the relevant maps, which are posted at the stations.
Physically Challenged Citizens Transfers
Proastiakos' stations & trains are equipped:
  • Ramps for boarding & alighting the trains for disabled passengers (has to be a previous contact via website or call).
  • Screens or posters with details for routes and other information, at all stations & most of the trains.
  • Sound system for information, routes' reschedule, at all stations & trains.
  • Priority seats in most of the trains for disabled passengers.
  • Relief surfaces along plattforms (except Athens station).
  • Low-level counters at Metamorfossi - Airport and Agii Anargyri stations.
  • Low-level ticket validation machines at all stations.
  • At the most trains there aren't stairs, in order to be the access easier. At those they have access is by ramp.

In every case, it's better for you to contact the relevant office at the phone 1110 (weekly 07.00-22.00), in order to suggest you the best route and arrange the presence of an employee at the embarkation/disembarkation station.


Executives & Departments

  • 24-hours phone service, Tel.: 14511
  • Information office, Tel.: 1110
    Physically Challenged citizens (P.C.P.)
  • Information office, Tel.: 1110
    Routes recorded messages
  • Secretariat, Tel.: 210 5270762
    Complaints Office, Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 07.30-15.00

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