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Archaeological Museum of Lykosoura

Last Update: Jan 2010

(Temporarily closed)

Archaeological Site of Lykosoura, 22025 LYKOSSOURA , MEGALOPOLI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 27910 25780

Archaeological Museum of Lykosoura - Overview

  The small museum comprising one exhibition hall, was founded at the end of the 19th century by Konstantinos Kourouniotis, in order to house some of the findings from the sanctuary of Despoina at Lykosoura; the excavation of the site and the construction of the museum were carried out under the auspices of the Athens Archaeological Society. The building was renovated and its exhibition was reorganised in 1986-7 by the Ephor of Antiquities, Dr. Theodoros Spyropoulos.
  The museum contains the following major categories of items:
• Sculptures, inscriptions, marble and clay votive offerings from the sanctuary of Despoina at Lykosoura
• Findings from the sanctuary of Lykaios Zeus
• Various findings from the region of the Lykosoura sanctuary.
  The most important exhibits of the museum are:
Parts of the sculptured group of Damophon. It represented four local deities on a pedestal; Demeter and Despoina in the middle and Artemis and Titan Anytos at either ends. The other half of the group is exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.
Clay votive offerings from the Megaron (Altar) of the sanctuary of Despoina. They include figurines or small plaques, bearing representation of demons with donkey-like and ram-like heads. The same decoration is also found at the veil of the marble statue of Despoina.
Marble table which is supported by legs ending in lion like feet.
Marble votive lamp (candelabrum) which was offered to the sanctuary of Despoina.

Archaeological Museum of Lykosoura - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 2710 225243, Fax: 2710 242227, Email:  
    39th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, 211 Kalavryton St., 221 00 Tripoli

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