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Achladeri Community

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Aetos Community

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Agios Georgios Community

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Agios Vlassios Community

Tel: +30 22220 58603

Almyropotamos Community

Tel: +30 22230 53012, Fax: +30 22230 53816

  Almyropotamos is the most notherly village of the Municipality of Styra, located close to the border with the Municipality of Dystos in an area of great interest. It has 500 residents and is set in a rocky hillside in front of the valley which spreads out from the Dipotamo river.
  The coastal hamlet of Panagia belongs administratively to Almyropotamos, as does the islet of Kavalliani. Many commentators identify Kavalliani as the ancient Glaukonissos, in the soil of which the Olympic winner Glaukos, son of Dimilos, was buried by his fellow Karystians.
  The palaeontological survey in the valley of Almyropotamos has uncovered many important finds which belong to mammals of the so-called Picermius fauna. These are mainly the remains of small-bodied horses which were no higher than 1.30 metres tall and had three toes on each foot. According to specialists, Picermius fauna belongs to a steppe environment and has an Asian origin; it is dated to around 13 million years ago.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.

Ano Kourouni Community

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Ano Potamia Community

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Enoria Community

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Grabia Community

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Kadi Community

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Kalimeriani Community

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Karystos Community

The capital of southern Evia, Karystos, is built on the southern part of the island on a cove and in the shadow of mount Ochi. It is a modern town, developed for tourism. Karystos is approximately 120 km southeast from Chalkida but with a ferry connection to the eastern coasts of Attica. The area has wonderful beaches and picturesque villages on mount Ochi, combining both sea and mountain. It can be the base for enticing tours to beaches or the mountain villages of Cavo D’Oro, in the Dimosari canyon.
The text was published on May 2003 in a brochure of Regional Division of Evia.


Kipi Community

Tel: +30 22220 58686


KYMI (Ancient city) EVIA

  Kimi, which was one of the first towns, together with Chalkida and Eretria, to establish colonies in Italy, hasn't been located with accuracy. It is believed that the significant ancient settlement excavated at Oxilithos is ancient Kimi.
This text (extract) is cited May 2003 from the Prefecture of Evia tourist pamphlet (1997).

Makrychori Community

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Manikia Community

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Messochoria Community

Tel: +30 22240 53274

  Messochoria, of the Municipality of Styra, took their name from one of the villages. These villages, aside from Messochori itself, are Riza, Souristra, the Charitides and Korfiotes, which is located on the height. Along with the hamlets of Raptei and Tsakei they have a population of around 600.
  The villages are located around 3.5 km from the Aegen Sea and have two exits onto the discharges of the small dry streams, where there are the bays of Almyriki (or Armyrorychi) and Limnionas. During the German occupation, Greek and British members of the resistance escaped to the Middle East from these bays and that at Tsakei. The bay of Limniona with its clean sand has today developed into a summer resort.
  There is a stone fountain with a vaulted arch at Kamara. This village was known as Paleochori in Byzantine times. The hermitages of St. Dimitrios, St. Nicholas and St. George, with a vaulted arch in the sanctuary, are still standing. In the ravine there are the remains of a watermill which was built in 1890. A trip to the ruins of the Monastery of the Evangelism of Tsakei, which today still functions as a monastery due to the presence of one nun, is worth a visit.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.


Metochi Community

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Monodryo Community

Tel: +30 22230 35369

Nea Styra Community

  Nea Styra has today evolved into a summer resort with great prospects for further development. It was once however nothing more than the seaport of Styra and a beautiful coast. The first settlement with the name of Gkisouri, was built in 1895. It took the name of Nea Styra in 1940.
  Today, Nea Styra is served by one of the ferry lines which connect southern Evia with shores of eastern Attica. There are also regular car ferries to and from Agia Marina on the opposite coast.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.


Neochori Community

Tel: +30 22230 41310



  Nimborio,as it was more commonly referred to on maps, is one of the small coastal settlements of Styra, located on the borders of the Municipalities of Styra and Marmara. Its name comes from the amalgamation of the worlds "neo" and "emborio". During the Byzantine period, emborio referred to the "skala", the port where the transportation of produce took place. The coast of Nimborio is magically enchanting.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.


Oktonia Community

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Orio Community

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Orologio Community

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Oxylithos Community

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Platana Community

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Polypotamos Community

Tel: +30 22240 51122

  The village of Polypotamos is located exactly in the center of the most narrow section of Evia (6 km. wide). The roofs of the houses are covered in a type of tile which is abundant in the area.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.


Pyrgi Community

Tel: +30 22230 31549


Pyrgos Community

Tel: +30 22220 31329

STYRA (Municipality) KARYSTIA

Styra Municipality

  The Municipality of Stira includes the narrowest section of the island of Evia. Stira, the main town of the Municipality, is located 89 kilometres south-east of Chalkida. Mount Kliosi (685 metres) and its foothills create an idyllic landscape in the region, completing the picture provided by the lace-like coast of the gulf of Evia and the bays of Almiropotamos and Nea Stira. The small Stouronissia islets give the impression that they are guarding the bay of Stira from the western side. The largest of these is the island of Stira (ancient Aigileia), whilst smaller ones are the islets of Verdouni, Agios Andreas and Fonia or Funias.
  Further south, in front of the bay of Almiropotamos, is Kavalliani, which many identify with Pliny's Glauconnissos. The Municipality of Stira (with a population of over 3000) today comprises a territory of 188,583 stremmata including within its boundaries its main city Stira and the parishes of Almiropotamos, Messochoria, Nea Stira and Polypotamos. Smaller hamlets are Kapsala, Panagia - built near the promontory which, according to the geographer Ptolemy, the ancients called Leon - Lefka, Nimborio and others.
  There are beautiful beaches both on the Aegean coast of the island, and on the coast of the gulf of Evia. The Stouronissia are an ideal spot for small trips and fishing. A visit to the Drakospita (dragon houses) is a must for any visitor to Stira.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.

STYRA (Village) EVIA

Styra Community

  Modern Styra is a beautiful and well cared for market town, which also acts as the seat of the Municipality of Styra. It lies at a distance of around four kilometers from the sea and Nea Styra. Important historical monuments of the medieval and modern periods are the Castle of the Armenians and the two small churches found inside of it. The stone-covered church of St. Nicholas, built in the early 1800s, is located at the peak of the hill on which the castle lies, and the hill takes its modern name from the church. The Church of the Virgin Mary of the Castle was, as two inscriptions near the entrance testify, rebuilt in 1746 on the ruins of an earlier single-aisle covered basilica.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.


Taxiarches Community

Tel: +30 22220 59696


Vitala Community

Tel: +30 22220 31384


Vryssi Community

Tel: +30 22220 58359, Fax: +30 22220 58359

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