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Takis Akritas

, , 1909 - 1982

Members of the Filiki Etairia (Society of Friends)

Ioannikios, Bishop of Maroneia


Karafilidis Vangelis

  Vangelis Karafillidis was born in 1971 in Alexandroupolis. In 1989 he was admitted to the Department of Physics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on scholarship. His thesis was based on artificial neural networks. He received his Physics degree in 1996.
  While a University student he also studied music. After studying under Demetris Athanasiades at the Macedonian Conservatory, he received his Fugue degree with honors in 1992. From the same Conservatory, after studying under Nicolas Astrinidis, he received his Piano Diploma with honors and 1st prize, voted unanimously, in 1994. After studying under Alkis Baltas at the Music College, he received his Diploma of Composition voted unanimously with honors in 1996. He has attended seminars by Athanasiades, Antoniou, Lapidakis and Kalogeras. His works have been performed in Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis, Xanthi, Berlin and Wuppertal. As a pianist he has given performances in Thessaloniki and Xanthi.
  His compositions served as research paper material in the class "Introduction to Modern Greek Music" in the Music Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. At the festival "Thessaloniki, Cultural Center of Europe 1997" he took part in a concert with works of Greek composers and David Gompper (President of the Union of American Composers) with the dual attribute of pianist - composer.
  He has composed music in various styles. Among his works are included: Variations for String Quartet, Variations for Wind Quintet, "The Darkness, the Death ..." for choir and chamber orchestra (in free atonal style). In some of his works the influence of post-romanticism is obvious (Toccata for piano) or even the Greek tradition and national schools: "Variations on an Island Dance", "Micrographies", Concertino for Violin and Orchestra. For the works "Variations on an Island Dance" and "Micrographies" he won the 1st and 2nd prize respectively in the 1st competition for piano composition organized by the House of Education and Arts in the Municipality of Xanthi.
  He has taught Music at the Macedonian Conservatory (1995-97) and the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamaria (1999-2000), Physics at the Music School of Thessaloniki (1997-1998 and 1999-2000) and Form and Structure of Modern Music and Modern Music Performance Techniques during the winter semester 1999-2000 at the Cultural Professional Training Institute of Thessaloniki.

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Rallis Kopsidis

Syni Anastassiadi

Theodoros Agglias

Maria Sidiropoulou

Paschalis Angelidis

Paschalis Angelidis

  He was born at Alexandroupolis(1952).He studied decoration and he was a student of Dimitris Cretas. Apart from painting , he was scenarist until 1990.
  Since 1987, he lives and works at Makrinitsa - Pelion Mountain - Volos

Victoria Dedegian

Economou-Maurogeni Zoe


Georgios Moschos


Athinodoros Tarsoudis


Thrakis Thrylos

, , 1903 - 1985


Kostas Thrakiotis

Related to the place


Isaakios Komninos

, , 1093 - 1152

  Third son of the emperor Alexios I Komninos and Irini Douka, he received from his father the title of caesar and was elevated to the rank of sevastokrator (prince) by his brother, emperor Ioannis II. Aspiring to usurp his brother’s throne, he plotted with state officials and all the enemies of Byzantium (Muslims, Armenians and Latins) while he was in exile. During his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, he had built at his own expense an aqueduct to the monastery of St. John the Baptist near the Jordan river. With the sudden death of Ioannis II, Isaakios asserted his right to the throne over that of the legitimate heirs, Isaakios and Manouil, without success. He married a certain Irini, with whom he had two sons and two daughters. With the appearance of the first symptoms of a fatal illness (1150) his thirst for power ceased. In 1151/2 he founded and endowed the large monastery of the Virgin Kosmosoteira at Vira with his immense estates at Ainos. And there he was buried despite having prepared a luxurious tomb in the narthex of the Monastery of Chora in Constantinople. He also drew up the book of rules and regulations (Typikon) for the Kosmosoteira monastery, the text of which has survived to this day. The figure of St. Merkourios in a fresco decorating the monastery church is thought to be his portrait.

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Angelos Poimenidis

Kalliopi Papathanassi-Moussiopoulou

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