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  Elymnion of the ancient people and Evoic Aeges. A coastal nice small town with traditional elements in a soft creek of northern Evoic Bay, being situated between Chalkida and Edipsos.
  Looking back to mythology we find it in the prehistoric times at the moment when Jupiter first joined Juno and during the historic times it became a place of the gods' worship.
  During the years of colonization it established its own colonies, such as Kleones (and perhaps Elymnio) in the Chalkidiki peninsula of Mount Athos.
  In Roman, Byzantin and Francovenetian times its navigation flourished again and it was attacked by various conquerors.
  In the mid of the 16th century, immigrants from Aegean Sea arrive in Elymnio, as in the same years, in a miraculous way, the ancient icon of The Blessed Virgin Mary the "Lymnian" also arrives here, which came to become the religious palladium of this place.
  With the coincidence of both these events Castral Elymnio moves down to the shore erecting there the today's town of Limni.
  During the years of National Regeneration, it plays the leading part, starting the Evoic Revolution.
In the years of liberation it forms a considerable commercial navy contributing to the whole case of the Greek Navigation.
  In the years of the 2nd World War Occupation it plays again a leading part, bringing forth famous figures of our Panhellenic National Resistance.
  Today, it is a touristically developed town with signs of insular traditional structure, with historical places and convents, rich folkloric tradition, multiple natural beauty and summer cool winds, uninterruptedly caressing the tiled roofs and...whistling its old tales...
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Elymnies tourist pamphlet.

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Geographical Data

Type of location: Port, Beach, Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection, Tourist resort, Town hall, Municipal district
Postal Code: 34005
Tel +30 22270
Altitude: 43 meters
Longitude: 23o 19' 14.18" E
Latitude: 38o 45' 51.11" N

Population Census

Year Population
1991 2129
1981 2896
Located in the same area of:
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