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Archaeological Museum of Thebes

Last Update: Dec 2016
Museum, Cultural heritage THIVA , VIOTIA , GREECE
(Est. 1905)
1, Threpsiadou Street, Kermopoulou Square, 32200 THIVA , VIOTIA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 22620 27913
Opening hours:
00May - 00Sep Tue-Sun, 0800-2000
00Oct - 00Apr Tue-Sun, 0800-1500

Archaeological Museum of Thebes - Photo Gallery

Archaeological Museum of Thebes - Overview

  The first archaeological collection of Thebes was created in 1905. Since then the land of Boetia yielded a rich archaeological material which continued to increase in the course of the continuous archaeological research in the region. Thus in 1962 was inaugurated the contemporary museum of Thebes. Currently new expansion works, along with a reorganisation of the museum exhibition are in progress, therefore the museum is temporarily closed to the public.

  The Museum collections include:
• The Neolithic to Bronze Age collection
• The Mycenaean collection from Tanagra
• Sculptures and reliefs from Aulis and Thespiai
• Pottery from the cemetery of Mykalissos (modern Ritsona)
• Pottery and bronze artefacts from various sites

  Among the most important exhibits are:
• The unique treasure of 42 cylinder seals with incised pictorial representations from Mesopotamia. They were found in the so-called "New Kadmeion" at Thebes. Twenty eight of them are exhibited. Mycenaean period (13th century BC.).
• Ivory pyxis (jewel-box) from a chamber tomb of Thebes. Mycenaean Period (13th century BC.).
• A group of 16 clay larnakes bearing painted pictorial representations found in the mycenaean cemetery at Tanagra (13th century BC.).
• Three Kouroi from the Sanctuary of Apollo on the Ptoon mountain. 6th century BC.
• A group of five grave stelai of black stone with engraved representations of warriors. They probably belong to the deceased of the Delion battle in 424 BC.
• Statue of Artemis, roman copy of the prototype of the classical period from the Sanctuary of Artemis at Aulis.
• A group of seven leaf-shaped clay tablets with Linear B inscriptions found in the "Arsenal" at Thebes. Mycenaean period (13th century BC.).
• Gravestone from Akraiphnion with a relief representation of a young man, epigram and the artist's signature. 6th century BC.
• Statue of Hecate from the Sanctuary of Artemis at Aulis. Dated to the Hellenistic period.

Archaeological Museum of Thebes - Map

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