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ISAP S.A. (Electric Urban Railway)

Last Update: Feb 2012

Athens Piraeus Electric Railway

67, Athinas Street 10552 KOTZIA , ATHENS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 210 3248311-7 , Fax: +30 210 3248311

ISAP S.A. (Electric Urban Railway) - Overview

General Information

Athens Piraeus Electric Railway (I.S.A.P) serves the citizens of the greater Athens area for over 100 years. After Metro's operation it's marked as Line 1 or Green Line. Athens Piraeus Electric Railway trains, traversing the old Athens backbone, connect Piraeus, Greece's bigger port, to Kifissia through 26 km railway.
It has 24 stations, 2 underground & 22 open-air. After their recent renovation all stations have facilities for disabled people like ramps, elevators, voice alarm, light signs, seats, etc., in order to make the access and use easy to anyone.

Useful Information

Information, Complaints & Disputes Office
Public Relations office is in charge for providing specialized infromation, complaints & solving desputes. Contact telephone numbers are 210 3293154 and 210 3293140.
Lost Property Office
The Lost Property office is located in ISAP H.Q. at 67, Athinas Street, on 4th floor. Lost property receipt could be from Monday to Friday, 07.00-21.00. Contact telephone number is 210 3293186.
Fines Office
Fines Office is also located in ISAP H.Q. at 67, Athinas Street, on 5th floor. Fine's payment could be from Monday to Friday, 08.00-13.00. Contact telephone number is 210 3248311.

Passengers' obligations
In Electric Railway's areas are not allowed:

  • Smoking (Health Regulation MoH/G.P./οικ76017/29.07.2002)
  • Transportation of inflammable or dangerous substances, materials and articles (Law 3082/2002)
  • Transportation troublesome items
  • Drinking & eating (Law 3082/2002)
  • Boarding the train under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Selling or distribution of goods or services (Law 3082/2002)
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Beggary or passenger harassment
  • Soiling
  • Descending to the tracks and entering the tunnel
  • Pets' transfer is permitted only in their special transportation boxes (Law. 3082/2002).
  • Bicycles' transfer is allowed within Metro, in every station. Must be only two bikes in a train and use the train's last door. Passengers transfer bikes could move them either on feet either on elevator but not on escalators.
  • Toilets for the public there are only at Piraeus station.
  • Left Luggage Facilities are available in Omonia and Monastiraki Stations.

The single ticket is available at all stations either to ticket counters either to vending machines. Airport ticket is also available, as well as by transit to Proastiakos Railway at Neratziotissa station, could someone go to the Airport.
  • Single ticket: 1,40 €
  • Reduced ticket: 0,70 €
  • Airport Ticket: 8,00 € (available at stations in Piraeus, Monastiraki, Omonia Square, Victoria, Attica, Kifissia)
  • Reduced ticket Airport: 4,00 € (available at stations in Piraeus, Monastiraki, Omonia Square, Victoria, Attica, Kifissia)
  • Airport ticket round trip (48 hour duration): 14 €
  • Group airport ticket: 14 € (2 persons), 20 € (3 people)
  • Weekly ticket for all trasports: 14 €
  • One day ticket for all transports: 4 €

ISAP S.A. (Electric Urban Railway) - Map

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