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The church of Saint Dionysios

The church of St Dionysios, patron saint of the island, and the carved silver larnax of the saint by D.Bafas.


Church of Agalas

The bellfry of the church at the village of Agalas.

The church of St Petros

in the homonymous hill in Kalipado.

The church of Our Lady of Keri

The church of Our Lady of Keri, contains excellent woodcarvings and portable icons.

The church of St Nikolaos

The church of St Nikolaos at the village of Kiliomenos with the unique stone-carved belfry of 1893.

Church of Virgin

The church of the Virgin in Kipseli village with remarkable architecture and its belfry

The churches of Saint Ioannis and Faneromeni

The church of St Ioannis at the village of Lithakia is a typical sample of Zakynthian ecclesiastic architecture. The church of Faneromeni at the village of Lithakia, built in 14th century, with valuable icons and excellent wood-carved screen.

The church of Saint Mavra

The church of St Mavra at the village of Macherado with excellent works of ecclesiastic art in the internal.

Temple of Hypapante

Temple of Agia Varvara


The Monastery of Skopiotissa

The ruined monastery of Our Lady 'Skopiotissa', built at the top of mountain Skopos. According to archaeologists , it was build around 1400 A.D. on the ruins of the ancient temple of goddess Artemis.

The church of Saint Nikolaos

The church of St Nikolaos 'on the Mole' in Solomos square.

The church of Faneromeni

The church of Faneromeni. It was completely destroyed from the 1953's earthquakes and the fire that followed but it was rebuilt and today it looks just as it used to. Detail from wall painting of the old church, now housed in the Byzantine Musuem of Zakynthos (by N. Doxaras, 18th century)

The church of Our Lady of the Angels

The church of our Lady of the Angels, built in 1687, was partially damaged in 1953's earthquakes but it was rebuilt soon aftewards in his original style.

Saint George of the Filiki

In this small church of Agios Georgios, Anthimos Argyropoulos swore in the aspirant members of the Filiki, the revolutionary organisation against the Turks. Apart from the locals the revolutionary leader Theodoros Kolokotronis took his oath here. On the wall the visitor can see the list of names of the members who swore allegiance to the Struggle.


Monastery of Theotokos "Anaphonetria"

The Anaphonetria Monastery with its typical tower is located in the Plemonario area, in the northwest side of Zakynthos Island.

It was, probably, established on 15th century by Leonard Tokkios the 3rd, Count of Cephallonia & Zakytnhos Palazzo and the wife of Lappas.

The miraculous icon of Panagia Anaphonetria, is originated by Byzantium, which "came" in the island in a miraculousness way after the Fall of Kontstantinoupoli (Istanbul) in 1453.

Today the monastery operates as church of the omonymous nearby village, the tower is used as bellfry, and is also pilgrimage place, due to the connection with the "Saint of Apology" Dionysio.

The text is cited fromHoly Diocese of Zakynthos website, where there are all the relevant information.

Monastery of Theotokos "Anaphonetria"

The Monastery of Anafonitria from which the nearby village takes its name, built in 14th century. This is where St Dionysios, patron saint of the island, spend the last years of his life.

Anafonitria Monastery

The Monastery of Yperagathos

The Monastery of Yperagathos (belongs to Sina), next to a pine and oak wood, at a short distance from the Anafonitria village.

Monastery of Agios Ioannes Prodromos

   Post-Byzantine monastery of closed form with the katholikon (main church) in the centre of a space enclosed by buildings and a high pe ribolos wall with two secondary entrances. The main entrance is associated with the bell-tower.
   The complex includes also a defensive tower, circular in plan, built on the top of a rock in order to serve as a lookout.
   The church preserves ikons of the 17th and 18th centuries and fine woodcarvings.

Monastery of Agios Ioannes Prodromos

  This monastery is found near the settlement of the Hartata, on the northern side of the mountain Melissa. Originally established in 16th century, but dissolved and re-established again in 1617 from the devout Katastarians Anthony Marinos and George Sapatis.
  In those centuries the monastery met lots of glory. In 1753, within the garden, there was two churches, seven houses and one tower. At about the middle of the l9th century it also established a rich historic record.
  The church had great arts which were saved from the earthquake of 1953, but the monastery now is desolated. Currently the Revd. Chrystostomos II, Metropolitan of Zakynthos, is organizing the conservation and restoration of these buildings therefore bringing it to use again. The monastery has 1 monk.

The monastery of St Ioannis the Baptist, built in 16th century, close to the village of Katastari offers an uninterrupted view to the nearby island of Kefalonia and to the coast of Peloponnisos.

Monastery of the Virgin Eleftherotria

Tel: +30 26950 92226
  The monastery has a beautiful panoramic view of the village Lagopodo, and is very close to the church of Saint Mavra. Established in 1962 by the Archimandrite Chrysostomos Gelbesis, spiritual father to this day of the hermitage.

Monastery of Strofades

Tel: +30 26950 22950

The 13th century Byzantine Monastery is built on the larger of the two little islets of Strofadia.

The 16th century Monastery of Our Lady 'Spileotissa' (of the cave), near the village of Orthonies. It is built close to a cave where a icon of Madonna was found.

The monastery of the Virgin Dermatousa

The monastery of the Virgin 'Dermatousa' at the village of Tragaki in a sort distance from the beach of Tsilivi. The little church of the monastery was renovated recently.

Monastery of St. George at Kremna

Tel: +30 26950 31298

Monastery of Saint Andreas

The Monastery of St Andrew at the region of Volimes. The superb wall paintings from the little church in the monastery are housed in the Byzantine Museum at the town of Zakynthos.

Monastery of Agios Dionysios of Zakynthos

Tel: +30 26950 43805, 44126, 44151, 48422, 44920
Fax: +30 26950 44151

Religious pilgrimage sites

Saint Joseph of Crete

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